Consumption influences resource use


Finding smarter ways of getting from A to B

Mobility for all is one of the great achievements of our time. The spatial separation of work and home, leisure experiences in different localities, holidays at home and abroad, and even major world tours – for many people these are all part of everyday life... [more]

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Greater food awareness

The right to food is enshrined in international law – and is something people take for granted in Switzerland. The country’s last major famine was two centuries ago. If anything, there is an oversupply of food in Switzerland today. Consumers are used to being able to obtain almost any kind of food at almost any time. To do this they avail of resources from other countries. According to the Swiss Farmer’s Union, around half of the country’s food... [more]

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Gentler ways of living

Along with nutrition, living has the greatest impact on the environment. Thus consumers can have a major influence on their personal environmental impact by being aware about their living habits... [more]

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A different way of producing – a different way of consuming

Switzerland has attained a high level of prosperity. It can sustain this prosperity if it reduces its resource use. The economy has already done this in recent years: it has begun to decouple its growth from the increase in resource use. Qualitative growth creates future prosperity... [more]

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