Impulse Group Participants

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Participants of the concluding event on 5 September2016 (left to right): Matti Straub, SibylAnwander, Chris Tanner, Charles Chaussepied,Daniel Bloch, Barbara Artmann, Simone Arizzi,Nadja Lang, Michael Stauffacher, ThomasVellacott, Paola Ghillani


  • Simone Arizzi, DuPont de Nemours, Technology & Innovation DirectorEMEA, Geneva
  • Barbara Artmann, CEO Künzli Schuhe
  • Daniel Bloch, Chairman of the Board and CEO Camille Bloch AG
  • Charles Chaussepied, Piaget, Responsible Jewellery Council, Vice Chair
  • Chris Tanner, CEO AdNovum
  • Martin Kuonen, Director Centre Patronal Bern
  • Rolf Soiron, Chairman of the Board Lonza Group Ltd, Basel (memberof the Impulse Group from August to December 2015)


  • Philippe Thalmann, Professor of Economics, EPFL
  • Brigitte Buchmann, Head of the Department of Mobility, Energy andEnvironment, EMPA
  • Michael Stauffacher, Professor, Institute for EnvironmentalDecisions, ETHZ
  • Jörg Hofstetter, President, International Forum on Sustainable ValueChains ISVC, Vice Director of Chair of Logistics Management,University of St.Gallen
  • Stefanie Hellweg, Professor,


  • Matti Straub, Changels/KaosPilots Switzerland, Bern
  • Thomas Vellacott, CEO WWF Schweiz
  • Paola Ghillani, owner and president, Paola Ghillani & Friends AG
  • Nadja Lang, Director of Fairtrade Max Havelaar

Public sector/politics

  • Sibyl Anwander, Head of the Economics and Innovation Division, FOEN
  • Ursula Wyss, Communal Councillor Bern, Social Democratic Party (SP)
  • Stephan Attiger, Member of the State Council, Canton of Aargau,The Liberals (FDP)
  • Rudolf Noser, Noser Group, Councillor of States, FDP
  • Bruno Oberle, Director of the FOEN from 2006 to 2016 (member of theimpulse group from August to December 2015)
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Participants of the event on 14 january 2016 (at the top) : Nadja Lang, Chris Tanner, Philippe Thalmann, Martin Kuonen, Jürg Hofstetter. In the middle: Charles Chaussepied, Daniel Bloch, Ursula Wyss, Stefanie Hellweg. In the front: Sibyl Anwander, Barbara Artmann, Paola Ghillani, Brigitte Buchmann.

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