By adopting a resource-conserving approach to the economy and consumption, Switzerland aims to contribute to mastering the global challenges in accordance with the sustainable development goals SDGs. This involves focusing on the relevant topics and taking action in areas where the Swiss economy can have the greatest impact.

Know the supply chains and organise them sustainably

A very large proportion of Switzerland’s environmental impacts arise abroad. This gives companies a lever for achieving a quantifiable impact by taking ecological and social impacts abroad into account. Companies and sectors must know their global supply chains and work towards reducing negative impacts on human life and the environment – in other countries too. Consumer goods, like food, should meet high environmental and social standards – also if they are produced abroad. If Swiss companies contribute to increasing resource efficiency and reducing environmental impacts at global level through the export of environmental technology and resource-conserving products, this contribution should be recognised.

Exploit opportunities offered by highly dynamic sectors

A great deal is changing in terms of technology and society in the course of digitisation and the development of renewable technologies. This dynamic should be identified and exploited with a view to promoting economic development and simultaneously availing of this lever for conserving resources.

Formulate quantifiable objectives

Together with the actors, the federal authorities should develop a strategy for a resource-conserving and socially acceptable approach to the economy and consumption. The activities derived from this should be based on the planetary boundaries and their impact should be quantifiable. Companies also target their strategies at the global challenges, set themselves concrete goals for improving their sustainability

Last modification 11.11.2016

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