Editorial principles

The aim of this portal is to inform, inspire and foster networks. The focus is on the societal challenge and opportunity involved in minimising environmental pollution in Switzerland and abroad while simultaneously improving competitiveness. The portal aims to highlight opportunities and potential and also analyse failures.

The portal emerged from a Swiss perspective. However, it is aimed at an international audience and does not serve individual interests. As a forum aimed at a wide audience, it actively encourages the expression of different opinions. Your comments in German, English, French and Italian will be published as long as they comply with the portal's editorial principles and Netiquette. Individual contributions may reflect an author's personal perspective. Over time, the spectrum of political views will be reflected in the variety of the contributions published.

Thematically appropriate communications by the Swiss Federal Council and parliamentary commissions and positions expressed by actors in the context of institutionalised processes (e.g. consultation and stakeholder processes) are also published. Statements made by individual actors in the context of legislative procedures or other political processes, such as referendum debates, are not published.

Last modification 15.09.2015

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