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External journalists from the news agency Café Europe Textagentur GmbH have written the majority of the texts on this portal. Their texts can be found in the “Green economy in action” section. The contributions on the “Green economy: Why?” page were also compiled by the Café Europe news agency on behalf of the FOEN. They are based on research and the evaluation of studies. If they contain obsolete or misleading information, the editorial team will make the necessary changes.

The authors of the personal opinion pieces originate from business, science, society and the public sector and express their personal views on topics in the context of the conflict between resource conservation and competitiveness.
You are also invited to express your views and join the debate. Comments can be found in the Opinions section and beneath the content, to which they relate.

Images, photos and videos
The agreements relating to the Creative Commons Licences for the content used on the portal can be viewed here.

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