About this portal

How can we create an economy that meets future needs and conserves resources? This portal demonstrates the variety of business models, activities and initiatives that exist in the area of the green economy and provides a space for the expression of different views on the topic. The portal aims to facilitate networking, inspire innovations and combine strengths to promote the more sparing and efficient use of natural resources.

The aim is to reduce Switzerland’s pressure on the environment while maintaining or increasing competitiveness. Hence the portal is not the mouthpiece of a single actor but a thematic forum on the green economy. The editorial principles are equally applicable to the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, which operates this portal in accordance with the Green Economy Action Plan of 8 March 2013, and all of the other actors involved.

This portal demonstrates the ideas and concepts, with which companies are already conserving resources today – often on a voluntary basis – and are generating profits or accessing new markets as a result. However, it also demonstrates the fears that exist on the part of business; it shows how science is researching new solutions, how new initiatives are emerging in society and how the state can contribute to solving the problem of resource scarcity. Although the focus is on natural resources, examples from the areas of energy, climate and sustainable development that contribute to reducing environmental pollution, are also presented.

Last modification 15.09.2015

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