Conserving resources


Switzerland is living beyond its ecological means. If all people on Earth would consume as much as the Swiss, about three planet Earths would be needed to provide the resources needed to sustain their way of life. The Earth is simply not big enough to sustain our lifestyle in the long term... [read on]

Over Rapid Creek - Colourliciousness

Our survival depends on the services provided by nature. Nature has provided numerous goods and services free of charge up to now. These include the air we breathe and the water we drink. They also include biodiversity, a sufficient supply of food and a life-sustaining climate... [read on]


Using resources efficiently

Switzerland must reduce its resource consumption to a level that can be sustained by nature. The overuse of global resources and its consequences, for example climate change, biodiversity loss and impaired nitrogen cycles, will cost us dearly. As a small country with few natural resources and a very open export-oriented economy, Switzerland will be particularly affected by increasing resource scarcity... [read on]


Calculating your own footprint

Everyone leaves their own footprint. Whether it’s our choice of home or car, holiday destination or weekend menu plan – every decision we make has consequences for resource consumption. Our footprints can often be reduced using simple measures – if you know about them... [read on]

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