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The Planetary Boundaries and what they mean for the Future of Humanity

Our consumption and economic activities and the associated overuse of resource are pushing our planet’s environmental systems to the limits of their stability. The planetary boundaries concept indicates exactly where this happening and on what scale.  The video provides answers to the following questions: Which environmental systems are essential to the survival of humanity? When will we exceed the boundaries of these environmental systems? What can we do to manage economic activity in a way that enables us to live well while remaining within the planetary boundaries?
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Beat Huber

Matthias Müller: Motivated for the future – with the help of target visions

It would seem obvious to assume that a strong sustainability assessment is the hallmark of truly sustainable companies. However, anyone who reads the report on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index of 2016 will be surprised to discover that the “Group Leader” for “energy”, the company Thai Oil, achieves a total of 99 out of 100 possible points for the sub-target “Climate Strategy”... more

Beat Huber

Marc Chesney: Challenging the credo of growth

University of Zurich Professor Marc Chesney firmly believes that our “seriously sick” society cannot recover without a radical rethink on our part.

Beat Huber

Tobias Sommer: International Green Economy – How Switzerland Can Reduce its Ecological Footprint Abroad

(By Tobias Sommer)
Almost three quarters of the environmental impacts generated by Switzerland today arise abroad – and the trend is an upward one. This ‘grey’ resource consumption relates to the goods we import. One thing is clear from this... more

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Doing nothing costs more

The green economy represents an opportunity for Switzerland – there will be consequences if we fail to take this opportunity... more

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A different way of producing – a different way of consuming

Switzerland has attained a high level of prosperity. It can sustain this prosperity if it reduces its resource use... more


Finding smarter ways of getting from A to B

Mobility for all is one of the great achievements of our time. The spatial separation of work and home, leisure experiences in different localities, holidays... more

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Green economy on the up and up

More and more countries and companies are focusing on resource  efficiency, the circular economy and sustainability. Along with ecological motives, economic factors also play a prominent role here.  Resource conservation pays off: sustainable products and services go down well with consumers... more

Step by step towards a sustainable world

The world still has quite a way to go to achieve sustainability. With the GAPFRAME, an instrument is now available that can measure the sustainability gap that remains to be closed by all countries. Also it demonstrates the relevant action fields for businesses and government. The method, which was developed in Lausanne led by Katrin Muff, is based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)... more

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Conserve Natural Resources: Do Business Successfully – Live Well

GO FOR IMPACT is a conceptual model that shows how Switzerland can manage resources farmore efficiently, making a huge challenge an opportunity.



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